• Paul Weyant

Tourism reopens as County Gets Closer to 'Stage 3'

On Friday tourist attractions, wineries and hotels can all reopen. In addition, venues large and small (i.e. The Monterey Bay Aquarium and Bowling Allies) are also making preparations to reopen.

Other good news for retailers is stores such as Goodwills throughout the county will reopen.

All of this is great news to combat the significant economic impact of Coronavirus.

In my interview with Mayor Clyde Roberson in early May (Link Here) he noted at the time the economic fall out could be in the tens of millions of dollars to the city. This month the city noted the impact could be north of $30M.

Interviews with Kimbley Craig of the Monterey County Business Council and Paul Farmer (CEO of the Salinas Chamber) both noted a sizable impact to the Salinas economy as well.

"Going forward in our new fiscal year starting July 1, if things continue as they are, we could be looking at anywhere from a 1.5 to a $2M monthly deficit." Mayor Clyde Roberson - 09 May 2020

Mayor Roberson also noted in our interview, "90 percent of cities in the state of California, according to the league of California cities, will be making layoffs, and in the next 2 years cities in California will be losing $7B in an aggregate. We have at this point no state or federal bailout or assistance."

In the coming weeks, the recent good news on the economic reopening has a chance to in lower these forecasts.

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